åsakapop, the å and the pop

Born and raised in the small village Åsaka, in south-west of Sweden. In the middle of forests and fields, I also heard about places far away, such as Osaka. The similarity of the names might be the reason why I started to grow an interest in Japan, that I don’t know. But here I am living in, not Osaka, but Tokyo. Since I have a strong connection to both Sweden and Japan, and since I see a lot of connections between the two, the åsaka part of the brand name came natural.

I’m proud of my origin and having the å in the logo and brand name stands for good Swedish design. It also stands for something unique, å is barely used outside Sweden. Besides that å is my favorite letter in the alphabet.

And the “pop”? It is simply a word that lays good in your mouth as well as stands for something that captures the time we are living in.

the å