It is not sustainable how we today consume fashion. To be able to by new clothes for every occasion, has it’s cost and the future is the one paying for it. With this in mind the seeking for a way to combine fashion with good products started to grew. The conclusion: Scarfs

A scarf can make such a change to an outfit, so to have a basic wardrobe and be able to change the look according to mood and occasion by just adding a scarf is fun, sustainable, personal and creative.

So instead of buying a new dress for the party, buy a new scarf. It is much less fabric, you can use it later on in a different context, pass it on when you get tired of it since it fits anyone (no matter what size) and not to speak of how light it is when you are packing your bags for a trip.

Design should speak to you in many ways. First the eyes, then the brain and then the feeling of touching. So this is the criteria for a scarf coming to life. The print must be pretty but the idea is also to make the user to start thinking about something or learn something from it. It can be everything from the endangered threat of extinct animals, to the nutrition in a strawberry.


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